Bamboo Steamer


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Cooking with a Bamboo Steamer

Steaming, next to stir-frying, is one of the oldest and most important cooking methods in Chinese cuisine. The Chinese use steam to cook everything from breads to soups to dumplings to seafood. The absorption of steam creates a hot container so the food cooks quickly. Steaming has grown in popularity in Western cuisine for its ease, health benefits and energy-saving efficiency. Steam cooking åÁs a very healthy way to cook, because it basically requires no added oils or fats. Steaming also cooks the food in a moist, even heat so food doesn‰۪t dry out. These bamboo steamers are handmade of natural bamboo and are constructed for strength and durability. The bamboo lid absorbs the condensation from steaming so water droplets won‰Û÷t fall back on the food. The bamboo steamers are attractive enough to be brought directly to the table for serving and food will stay warm in a covered steamer up to half an hour.


Care and Cleaning

Before first use; rinse and brush steamer thoroughly. After use, rinse and brush with warm water to remove any food particles and allow to air dry. Avoid using soap as the fragrance from the soap may be absorbed into the bamboo. Store the steamer in a well ventilated location.


To Use

Place food in a heat-safe bowl or plate or place directly in the bamboo steamer trays and cover with lid. If using a bowl or plate, be sure it is small enough to allow at least 1" on the sides for steam to freely circulate. Do not let the lid touch food. When steaming fish, try using a plate so you can retain the juice to be used on rice.‰۬‰۬


For efficient steaming; be sure lid is securely in place to prevent steam from escaping.‰۬Place steamer in a large wok or pan with just enough water so that the bottom rim of the steamer tray rests in the water. Be careful not to allow water to boil up into the food when steaming.‰۬Steam over medium-high or high heat and check water level periodically during cooking and add more boiling water as necessary until food is cooked. Never let the water boil completely away.‰۬When done, turn heat off. Steamer is very hot. Remove lid by opening away from face. Wait a few seconds to allow steam to escape. Transfer food to platter or serve directly from steamer, for convenience, you may steam different ingredients on each tier for a whole meal in one steamer.


Note: If you steam using both tiers, remember that the lower (or the tier which is closer to the boiling water) will cook faster. Either put foods that require longer cooking time on the bottom or start the bottom tier first and then add the second tier later. For easier handling after each use, allow the parts to cool and dry before reassembling.


Over time, the parts may fit differently as when new due to the handmade nature of this product and the natural bamboo itself which expands and contracts with steam and moisture absorption.


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